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Make Blushing A Thing Of The Past

Excessive blushing is a problem suffered by many people throughout the world. When an event happens that leaves that person slightly flustered or embarrassed, their face can turn a beat red color and they become quite squeamish. This is a normal thing for a lot of folks who simply cannot cope with certain tenuous situations. Though blushing is not a huge issue that can alter your life, it could impact your ability to conduct business or have a negative impact on your interpersonal relationships. As most people […]

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Why Do Some People Suffer From Excessive Blushing

For most people, blushing is a normal reaction to being embarrassed. However, for people who have a problem with excessive blushing, embarrassment is far from the only trigger for blushing. For problem blushers, blushing occurs frequently and in response to all types of situations and events. People who blush excessively seem to blush randomly, with no visible triggering event. However, blushing is always a physical reaction to some type of mental trigger. It can be triggered by embarrassment, being in the limelight, being concerned about perceptions of […]

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What Causes Problem Blushing

Why do some people blush more easily than others? Blushing is a physical response that is triggered by an emotional response to one or more self-conscious thoughts. Everyone has self conscious thoughts from time to time, but such thoughts do not trigger blushing in everyone. Most people blush at one time or other. People generally have a tendency to blush in response to shameful thoughts or actions. Blushing is a normal physical response to an embarrassing behaviour or thought. People who exhibit problem blushing, however, tend to […]

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